Women are always running somewhere, trying to do everything as quickly as possible! You need to stop for a moment to perceive that you are feminine, beautiful, independent and beautiful!

Exactly at one of such moments, an idea of creating jewelry popped into my head. Notions like fast food, fast life, fast shopping got me thinking. That's when I decided to change everything! I gathered a team and set about creating jewelry collections. I developed a concept, put it on paper, then brought it to life and called it Liberta Brillare, jewelry for those people who save time, but are not ready to save on style and taste!

The idea of the Liberta Brillare brand is jewelry with a non-trivial appearance, carrying meaning, revealing and emphasizing female beauty, character, inner self! Wearing such jewelry you feel freedom!

One of the most important advantages of jewelry from Liberta Brillare is its uniqueness and it always was like this. We strive to ensure that the jewelry is stylish, bright and unique. We boldly experiment with forms and materials, combining the traditions of jewelry art with modern trends. Our jewelry treasures can truly be called real masterpieces.

Even in the process of creating the first models, we had the main concept for the appearance of jewelry like rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, pendants and used 18 karat gold. We have collections both with fine polishing, which emphasizes volume and sculpture and with shagreen which highlights the product, makes it noticeable!

There is some kind of tranquility in our jewelry, along with luxury and elegance. Soft and smooth lines, as if filled with the poetics of modern classics, reverent attitude to nature, refinement of details. Products embody the very essence of jewelry art, creative and painstaking work, fragility, tenderness and variety of images.

The works of Liberta Brillare are always recognizable thanks to their refined and expressive style. Our unique treasures are able to decorate everyday life, create a special atmosphere of pastoral beauty. We managed to feel the needs of modern people who are tired of a standardized way of life and create an atmosphere of lightness, ease and exquisite simplicity.

LIBERTA BRILLARE - bring brightness and luxury to your everyday life!